Fairy Garden Accessories

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Fairy Hatch (Fiddlehead)


This 6.5cm diameter magic hatch has a top that opens to reveal steps leading down into the earth. As it's a fairy hatch the steps are covered in glitter.

Gnome Hatch (Fiddlehead)


Gorgeously detailed stone effect hatch with a door that opens to reveal steps leading down into the earth. Perfect for a flat area of fairy garden.

Fiddlehead Woodland Table & Stool Set/5



6cm diameter table with four stools for a fairy garden, made from resin.

Lamp Post



Antique looking miniature garden lamp post made from resin. 11cm high, made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

''Warning, Dragon Training Area'' Sign (Fiddlehead)


The Dragon Training Sign lets fairies know that they need to be careful in that area of your fairy garden. We don't want any nasty accidents, do we?

Miniature Woodland Rustic Bench



This 2.5cm high bench is designed to be used in your fairy garden. It's made from wood effect resin and is happy to be outside all year round.

Mini Wheelbarrow


6cm long rustic wheelbarrow with rotating wheel, perfect for use by fairies tidying up in a fairy garden!

Mini Garden Shed (Fiddlehead)


This small potting shed for fairy gardens contains an array of tools and equipment for fairies to use to keep your garden tidy.

Miniature Frog Pond



Fairy garden pond made from resin- just add your own water. Complete with a frog at one end and stone surround. A Fiddlehead fairy garden product.

Campfire (Fiddlehead)


Stone effect campfire with removable spit roaster for fairy gardens. Approximately 5cm diameter. Part of the Fiddlehead fairy garden collection.

Fairy Boat (Fiddlehead)


Wonderfully detailed fairy boat, 9cm long, with glow in the dark lantern in the bow. Designed in the USA by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Miniature Stone Stools, Set/2


Two weathered stone effect stools, each around 3cm tall, designed by Fiddlehead fairy gardens and perfect for your miniature garden.

Mini Stepping Stones 6 Pc. Set


Pack of 6 polystone stepping stones for a miniature garden or fairy garden. Made by Fiddlehead USA each stepping stone is 2.5cm across and has a weathered finish.

Fairy Landing Pad Set (Fiddlehead)


two piece set- landing pad and separate window. Door opens on the landing pad to reveal an internal door and set of house shoes. Allows a fairy to land and enter into a tree.

Mushroom Path (Fiddlehead)


Frog & Lily Pad Pond (Fiddlehead)


14cm long pond with clear resin water, containing a log, some lily pads and a family of frogs both on the surface and swimming. Made from resin.

Mushroom Outhouse


8cm tall mushroom shaped outhouse made from resin, for use in a fairy garden. Made by Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens.

Mushroom Chair (Fiddlehead)


Mushroom Dog House (Fiddlehead)


Mushroom Bridge (Fiddlehead)


Miniature Woodland Rustic Chair


Wood effect rustic chair made from weatherproof resin, designed for a fairy garden and made by Fiddlehead. Roughly 2.5cm high it looks like natural wood and is perfectly sized for a miniature garden.

Mini Fly Agaric Mushrooms (Fiddlehead) 5pk


Pack of 5 fly agaric mushrooms or toadstools for decorating a fairy garden. Sizes vary but up to 2cm tall, plus spike to position them. A Fiddlehead fairy garden product.

Mini Glow Mushrooms-set of 7 (Fiddlehead)


7 luminous mushrooms to decorate your fairy garden with an eerie glow... each one is around 2cm high. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Rock Steps (Fiddlehead)


12cm long set of rock steps for a miniature garden, to allow fairies to climb steep slopes easily. Made from weatherproof resin, these stairs are impervious to the weather.

Miniature Urns 2pc Set


A pair of stone effect urns, 5cm high, which can be planted with miniature plants as part of a fairy garden. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Woodland Suspension Bridge


This miniature suspension bridge is 10cm long and perfect for a fairy garden- wood effect resin with metal handrails. Watch out for trolls underneath!

Tree Stump Gazing Ball Stakes (Fiddlehead)


Gazing balls tell the future and the past- look deep into their crystal surface. Choice of blue or white (sold singly), 5cm tall. A Fiddlehead fairy garden product.

Woodland Fence


16cm long wood effect resin fence for use in a miniature garden. Looks like aged logs bound to posts with twine. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Woodland Twig Arch


9cm wood effect twig arch for a fairy garden, designed by Fiddlehead, the fairy garden specialists.

Rope Ladder (Fiddlehead)


40cm long rope ladder made from sisal rope with wood effect resin rungs, perfect for large flower pots or planters as part of a fairy garden.

Rustic Courting Bench (Fiddlehead)


Rustic courting bench made from resin, 2.5cm high. A Fiddlehead fairy garden product.

Butterfly Net (Fiddlehead)


12cm long butterfly net with a wooden handle, used by fairies in a fairy garden to catch injured wildlife to help them heal. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Small Stone Planter (Fiddlehead)


The Fiddlehead Stone Planter can be planted with live plants and is happy outside all year round. Stack several together for an eye catching effect.

Stone Arch (Fiddlehead)


9cm high stone effect arch and wall for use in a miniature fairy garden. Weatherproof polystone construction. Part of the Fiddlehead fairy garden range.

Stone Bridge


Delightful little stone effect bridge for a miniature garden- made from weatherproof materials this Fiddlehead bridge is a lovely feature.

Terracotta Pots 3pc Set


Set of three terracotta coloured resin pots for a miniature garden. Plant with sempervirens or other miniature plants for full effect.

Candy Cake on Plate (Fiddlehead)


Strawberry Cake on Plate (Fiddlehead)


Plate Of Fruit (Fiddlehead)


Cherry Blossom Cake On Plate (Fiddlehead)



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