About Us

Fairygoodies started life in 2004 as a retailer of glass jewellery and fairy figurines. Over the years we stopped making glass commercially and expanded into wholesale. The business is run by a husband and wife team, with a small number of employees contributing skills and energy!

We began our journey not really worrying about where our products were sourced from, but over the last few years we've started to pay more attention to our connections with suppliers and customers. We no longer work with a large number of corporations, preferring to place our business with small, independent suppliers (much like us) who will directly benefit from the funds we spend with them. We became a carbon neutral business in 2017, as part of a journey to reduce our impact as a business on the environment. Unlike many businesses claiming to be carbon neutral, we include the carbon produced by importing and shipping our stock both to and from our warehouse. While we still produce carbon, we're continually trying to reduce our production, and we work with Forest Carbon to offset the emissions by planting native species trees in the UK. Some years ago we purchased a cardboard shredder which we use to break down all cardboard that we can't reuse in box form so it can be used to fill voids in wholesale orders. As a result, we spend less than £100 a year on new packaging materials, and all new materials we do purchase contain at least 85% recycled material.

We're a strong believer in independent retailers, and we choose not to place our products in chain stores, supermarkets, or other large businesses. We believe you will have a better choice and be able to make a more informed purchase when buying from a small independent retailer who's personally chosen the stock and can talk to you about it!

Please feel free to get in touch, we're always happy to discuss anything regarding our business, ethics, outlook or anything else!