Fairy Doors

All fairy doors supplied here are weather proof and happy to be outside all year round. The rustic doors are made in the UK by a one man business, while the colourful doors are designed in the USA by Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens. None of our doors open for humans- they're all secure to prevent other creatures entering uninvited!
Fairy doors can appear at any time in any part of the home or garden, depending on where the fairies want to visit. They can also move around, if the fairies feel like a change. You can usually tell when a fairy uses the fairy door as the often leave a trail of Fairy Dust behind. They've also been known to write letters to humans, but they're usually so small that it's often very hard to read them. Beware though- fairies are quite easily offended, so if you do see a letter outside a fairy door, be sure to write back!