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There's a South American legend which says that if you have a worry, tell it to your Worry Doll at bedtime, then put the Worry Doll in its bag under your pillow and go to sleep. When you're asleep, your Worry Doll will come to life, and take your worry away, so in the morning you'll awake and your worry will have gone.

Our Worry Dolls are made in Colombia by an extended family- all the aunts and uncles are involved. They're made by hand with over 20 components and packaged with a small bag in a clear acetate envelope, with a multilingual backing card detailing the Worry Doll story. Worry Dolls are around 5cm tall. We buy these Worry Dolls directly from Personitas, so our payments for stock go straight to the family in Colombia, and benefit the local community there. By purchasing one of our Worry Dolls you'll not only alleviate your own worry, you'll help the Personitas family too!

Please note that as these products are handmade, some patterns and designs may vary a little from the image shown. If the exact pattern is important, please let us know when you order, and we'll do our best to supply one as close as we can to the image.

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