Fiddlehead Gypsy Wagon

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This fairy wagon is designed for fairies who like to roam. The outdoor life is never far away, as this fairy house can be parked up anywhere you like. It's designed to cope with life outside, as it's made from weatherproof resin, and there's lots of detail, including window boxes, an opening door, and a removable ladder. The gypsy caravan stands around 14cm high and is 18cm long.

On the back of the Fiddlehead Gypsy Wagon are all sorts of accessories, as one would expect from a roaming caravan. There's a little veranda to sit on once you're parked up somewhere to admire the view.

This fairy gypsy caravan is remarkably maintenance free. It's not affected by frost, and the only maintenance you need to do is oil the door hinge occasionally to prevent it rusting- it would be a problem if the fairies got stuck!

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