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We're all aware of the problems plastics in the oceans are causing. While glitter is a very small issue compared to plastic bottles, bags, etc, it's still a problem, and one that we, as a manufacturer, have more control over. Give a big hand to Biodegradable Fairy Dust- kinder to the environment while not sacrificing any of the sparkle! Our Biodegradable Fairy Dust is made from eucalyptus film, which is certified to meet the OK Home composting standard. This standard is designed to give clarity over whether a product is truly biodegradable. Many so-called biodegradable plastics will only degrade under industrial composting conditions, using artificially high temperatures and sometimes pressure. This means that in the real world, when they're discarded as waste, they won't degrade naturally, so they add to the problem. Products meeting the OK Home standard have to biodegrade naturally in soil or water and 98% of the product will disappear completely within 3 months in real world conditions. So when you've returned from your festival, party, etc, and wash off your glitter, you can be sure that it's not going to stick around long. Currently available in 6 colours, we're planning to add more over the next few months. Visually there's no difference between Bio Fairy Dust and our other ranges- it's just as fine, and just as sparkly. At present, because of production methods, it's a little more expensive, but this will change over time as economies of scale kick in. Meanwhile enjoy the warm feeling of doing your bit for the planet while you sparkle!

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