Fairy Dust

What is Fairy Dust? It's a closely guarded secret... some say it's the vapour trails of fairies flying fast, others that it's the remains of magic once it's used. Whatever it's made from, it's incredibly sparkly- the most amazing glitter, in special colours only available in this form. Wear it on your face or body (it's cosmetically safe), add it to wet nail varnish for super sparkly nails, or simply sprinkle it with abandon to spread joy- Fairy Dust is versatile and desirable.

Wholesale Fairy Dust: If you're a shop, and would like to stock Fairy Dust, please contact us- we produce it here in the UK and it's available in a wide range of colours. Our Fairy Dust conforms to the current UK cosmetic regulations and is a trademarked product.

Tiny bottles of Fairy Dust, produced in the UK, and cosmetically licensed as safe to wear on the face and body. Put some sparkle in your life!

Our NEW Biodegradable Fairy Dust offers all the sparkle of our standard Fairy Dust without any cost to the planet. Marine biodegradable to OK Home compost standards, our glitter is supplied in a glass candy jar containing 60 bottles, 10 each of 6 different colours. We'll add more colours to the range over the coming months. We're also switching the mini bottles back to glass in the next few weeks, to make all containers recyclable. Available end September 2018 onwards.

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