Fairy Doors

Every home needs a fairy door. Without a fairy door, there's no way for a fairy to enter your home and you'll never have a fairy come and stay. Fairies love human houses- they're usually warm, and often have pets that fairies can make friends with. But fairies can't open human doors- the doors are simply too large and heavy for a fairy to push open, so it's really important that all human houses have a fairy door so that fairies can enter easily. If you wish, you can have more than one- after all most human houses have a back door and a front door- so you can add a fairy door in the house, in the garden, in fact anywhere you want. You may find that your fairy is mischievous, and likes to move around- you can tell if this is the case as the fairy door will move from room to room. Some fairy doors will open for humans, but not many- fairies like their security and don't want other creatures entering the fairy realm. A good way to tell if fairies have come to live with you is to check for evidence of use around the door- often a little trail of fairy dust will show that a fairy has passed through the door recently. Fairygoodies offers wholesale fairy doors to high quality independent retailers. If you're a shop looking for wholesale supply of fairy doors, please register your business using the button at the top right of the page and we'll send you our wholesale price list.

These enchanting fairy doors are made in Devon by hand, from a weatherproof resin. Their rustic appearance is unique and hugely popular- these fairy doors are one of our most successful ranges. The small doors are perfectly sized for skirting boards, while the medium and XL doors are ideal for outdoors use (or against large features inside). Simply place against a wall, tree trunk or elsewhere to let the fairies into your garden and house! Are you a retailer? We supply these doors at wholesale prices to shops in the UK and Europe. Please complete the form at the top of the page if you'd like further information on our wholesale fairy door prices.

Colourful and detailed, these wonderful fairy doors are sure to enchant you. Each door is made from weatherproof resin, painted in bright (but not garish) colours and presented in a header carded bag. All these fairy doors will stand on their own- no need to glue or nail them to keep them upright- and all have lots of fine detail such as protruding handles, stone effect surrounds, and tiled porches. Please note that these fairy doors only open for fairies, not humans.

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