Fairygoodies is a wholesale supplier of fairy products including fairy gardens, fairy wings, fairy dust and more. We supply over 700 independent retailers around the UK and Europe with a wide range of wholesale fairy products. Our online shop can be used by the public or retailers to access all products that we supply.

We are a designer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fairy themed items for adults and children. Our ranges include fair trade and ethically made fairy products, and many of our fairy products are UK made.

As well as our own fairy products we wholesale ranges from other manufacturers. We are the European distributor for Fiddlehead fairy garden products, and for Personitas worry dolls.

The Fairy Family are a range of ethically produced, handmade fairy figurines produced in the rural regions of north Thailand. Each fairy figurine is finely detailed with hand painted faces and a wide range of materials used in their clothing, including satin, silk, nylon, florist's papers, plus sequins, glitter and beads. The arms and legs are flexible so the fairy can sit, wave her arms, or be posed in other ways. Fairy Yoga anyone? Each fairy figurine comes with a fine loop of golden thread which allows the fairy to be suspended, for example on a Christmas tree. All models except Mermaids are supplied with a metal leaf which acts as a stand- the fairies have magnets hidden in their feet to allow them to stand up. The Fairy Family make gorgeous decorations for the home, and are widely collected as Christmas ornaments. A new range is released every 12 to 15 months so there are always new models. They're also a good cause to support as they're produced by women in the rural north of Thailand, where work is scarce, and each worker is paid a fair wage for production. Additionally, a proportion of profits from the parent company in Thailand is paid into a government managed fund which improves infrastructure in those rural areas, such as clean water supplies, communications, etc. Please note that the Fairy Family are supplied as collectables, not toys. While they may withstand some gentle play they are not tested as a toy product and should not be given to young children.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden is a market leading designer of miniature fairy garden products. Fiddlehead has been producing fairy garden houses, figurines and accessories for over 10 years and their products are wonderfully detailed with whimsical additions to many items. Most fairy houses have opening doors, and all products are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With over 200 products in the range, the challenge is which fairy house, figurine or accessory to choose to create your miniature world?

If you're new to fairy gardens, we can help with recommendations and advice. We've been building miniature gardens for many years, including regular displays at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows, plus we've been involved in the creation of several fairy walks and miniature displays around the country. Give us a ring, or drop us an email- we're happy to help!

Wholesale Fairy Garden Products: We're proud to be the UK and European wholesale distributor of this market leading brand of miniature gardening products. If you're a retailer, and would like information on stocking the range, please use the button at the top right to register as a trade buyer and we will send you further information.

Every home needs a fairy door. Without a fairy door, there's no way for a fairy to enter your home and you'll never have a fairy come and stay. Fairies love human houses- they're usually warm, and often have pets that fairies can make friends with. But fairies can't open human doors- the doors are simply too large and heavy for a fairy to push open, so it's really important that all human houses have a fairy door so that fairies can enter easily. If you wish, you can have more than one- after all most human houses have a back door and a front door- so you can add a fairy door in the house, in the garden, in fact anywhere you want. You may find that your fairy is mischievous, and likes to move around- you can tell if this is the case as the fairy door will move from room to room. Some fairy doors will open for humans, but not many- fairies like their security and don't want other creatures entering the fairy realm. A good way to tell if fairies have come to live with you is to check for evidence of use around the door- often a little trail of fairy dust will show that a fairy has passed through the door recently. Fairygoodies offers wholesale fairy doors to high quality independent retailers. If you're a shop looking for wholesale supply of fairy doors, please register your business using the button at the top right of the page and we'll send you our wholesale price list.

Personitas are a range of ethically produced, fair trade Worry Dolls, Angels and Fairies, made in Colombia by one family. Personitas is run by Pily, who is responsible for the design and development of the range, sourcing fabrics and other materials from Colombian suppliers. The range is produced in two locations: the basic figurines are produced in Popayan, where the wirework structures and bodies are formed, and in El Retiro the products are sewn together and finished. Both locations are small workshops manned by various members of the same family. There's a huge amount of work that goes into each doll- for example the thread for the hats is dyed to match the material before being used! When we purchase the stock, we pay the asking price- we don't use our size to negotiate discounts. This is to ensure that the producers don't have to worry about making a profit. All funds paid for stock go directly to the producers, the family and the local villages. Personitas is a great example of a global product keeping trade local! As their UK distributor we offer wholesale worry dolls and other Personitas products to retailers around the UK. If you're interested in becoming a stockist, please call for further information.

Welcome to a world of make believe, where wishes come true and everything's magically sparkly! Fairygoodies presents a wide range of high quality dressing up products, from fairy wings and wands to head garlands, pixie ears and lots more. We've something for fairies of all ages and sizes, and all budgets too! All our fairy wings, dresses and other items are CE approved to the latest standards, including fire retardency.

Wholesale fairy products- we offer a wide range of our products here as wholesale supply to retailers in the UK and Europe. If you're a shop interested in our ranges, please contact us for further information and wholesale prices.

We offer an eclectic mix of fairy themed giftware via our Fairygoodies and Fairy Dust brands. The range includes Wishing Coins, organza bags, glitter tattoo kits and more. As well as items produced in house we also offer a selection of quality gifts with a whimsical fairy theme from other suppliers, including fairy books, pixie ears and more. As an end customer you can browse this website and purchase any item you see. We also offer most products shown here wholesale to high quality independent retailers around the UK and Europe. If you'd like details of a local stockist, please contact us. If you're an independent retailer looking for wholesale supply of fairy products, we can help- please complete the form accessed by the button at the top right of the page and we'll send further information to you.

What is Fairy Dust? It's a closely guarded secret... some say it's the vapour trails of fairies flying fast, others that it's the remains of magic once it's used. Whatever it's made from, it's incredibly sparkly- the most amazing glitter, in special colours only available in this form. Wear it on your face or body (it's cosmetically safe), add it to wet nail varnish for super sparkly nails, or simply sprinkle it with abandon to spread joy- Fairy Dust is versatile and desirable.

Wholesale Fairy Dust: If you're a shop, and would like to stock Fairy Dust, please contact us- we produce it here in the UK and it's available in a wide range of colours, both in biodegradable and non bio forms. Our Fairy Dust glitter conforms to the current UK cosmetic regulations and is a trademarked product.

Many of the products we offer are from small producers, often family businesses, who are specialists in their field. We take care to purchase directly from these suppliers, and we let them determine the price they want for their products. In this way, they charge a price they feel is fair, and we pay them directly (and in advance of receiving the goods) so they receive 100% of the money. These suppliers can be based in the UK or overseas- we have two excellent small suppliers outside the UK, one in Thailand and one in Colombia. In this section we've pulled together all the products that qualify as ethically made, including some we make ourselves.

FairFelt is a new range of Merino Wool felt decorations and accessories produced by a small fair trade organisation in Nepal. All products in the range are made from New Zealand Merino Wool which is soft, strong and hard wearing- a leap in quality from the usual thin felted products made in China. All bags and purses are lined, use quality zips and have care instructions inside.

We buy these products direct from the producer in Kathmandu so by purchasing one (or more) of these items you're directly supporting families in rural parts of Nepal. Our supplier focuses on three areas- financial, ethical and environmental. Workers are paid a fair wage for production and have a guarantee of secure employment. Working conditions are monitored and kept to a high standard. No children are used in the production of the range, and where possible traditional processes are used. Felt is of course a natural material but the company also ensures that any chemicals used in the production are contained so, for example, the dyes used are not able to find their way into local watercourses.

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