Our People, Our Ethos

We started life back in 2004, making glass jewellery using Dichroic Glass, which is a glass containing layers of metal oxides which filter light so that the glass appears to change colour as it moves. Because of this we called ourselves Fairyglass, which is still our company name. At shows, customers used to ask "You're called Fairyglass, so where are your fairies?" so we searched and came across the Fairy Family. As soon as we added them to our website it became clear that they were outselling the glass... we no longer make or sell glass jewellery, but we've expanded our fairy ranges!

We're a small, family run independent business. We believe in independent businesses and as a matter of policy we don't supply large retail groups or corporations. We're currently a team of six people (and a dog). Three of us are from the same family, the others are all close friends. Our office and warehouse is in the Wiltshire countryside where we have lots of music, cake, plenty of tea and of course the company of our dog.

We believe in ethical trading. We don't have a huge amount of debt and we don't take ages to pay suppliers. Many of the suppliers of products that we don't make ourselves are also small businesses, and we treat them as we would like to be treated. When we start with a new supplier, we'll discuss the fairest price for their products based on a fair consumer cost and their requirements to manufacture- we don't go for highest margin or use our buying power to reduce the cost of goods. Many of our suppliers are friends outside of work.

We generate very little waste and we recycle 95% of our cardboard (our largest waste product) using a cardboard shredder to turn it into void fill for our wholesale orders. All our cartons are pre-used, and we use paper tape which recycles. We're constantly working to reduce our dependence on single use packaging and we've recently introduced our Biodegradable Fairy Dust which is certified to OK Home compost standards.

We believe that imagination and creativity in children is hugely important in preparing them for adulthood, and that many of the world's problems can be solved by creative thinking and discussion. If children are allowed to explore more, get muddy, go on adventures and break things occasionally they'll grow into inquisitive types who become our future engineers, inventors, authors, playwrights and performers.

As a company, we believe that everyone has the right to a safe, dry and warm space. To this end we support St. Mungo's, a charity for the homeless, with a monthly donation.

Please call, write or visit if you'd like to discuss anything we've written about here.

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