We're a Carbon Neutral business

The ecological impact of importers like us cannot be overestimated- 248 million tons of freight was imported to the UK last year, mostly on huge container ships. We've long been aware of the hidden costs of importing and over the years we've taken as many steps to mitigate our imports as we can. In 2013 we set up a production line in the UK and employed two people to manufacture our Fairy Dust glitters here, where they were made previously in China. In 2015 we purchased a cardboard shredder, which allows us to recycle nearly 100% of our waste cardboard into void fill for our wholesale order cartons. In 2018 we moved across to paper packaging tape, and at the same time we committed to only purchasing used cartons, so over 95% of the packaging we use is either recycled or easily recyclable. Our latest initiative is one we're particularly proud of- we're one of the first gift importers in our industry to be carbon neutral. Importantly, we've taken account of the emissions produced importing our products from the Far East, which amazingly is optional for businesses looking to certify themselves. We've paid Forest Carbon a monthly amount to cover the planting of 280 trees a year to offset our previous year's emissions and we'll work continuously on reducing our emissions looking forwards. Within the next 12 months we're aiming to cut our use of single use plastic packaging to nearly zero and any remaining plastic used will be oxy degradable, meaning that it will degrade to nothing in natural conditions. If you've questions, please call or email. Small steps, big results.

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